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Key features and benefits:

  • Searchable Regulation Database - Ensures 100% compliance with the most current inspection regulations.  This dramatically lowers liability for your firm, while saving time and money normally spent investigating the latest regulations.

  • Secure Storage - You'll never worry about losing your data again, as Spectware securely stores all data and immediately makes it easily available in real time to all key personnel.  No more messy file cabinets and lost or misplaced inspection data.

  • Current, On-Site Documentation - Ensures that your necessary certifications, current crane inspection reports, and manufacturers' procedures are readily available for on-site inspection use - no more lugging heavy binders or out-of-date materials.  This saves time and increases the productivity of inspection personnel. 

  • Complete Machine History - Provides complete crane history in seconds.  This saves time and makes the inspection process more accurate.

  • Keeps Qualifications and Certificates Up to Date - Provides you a series of courtesy emails starting 60 days in advance of the expiration dates of your qualification checks or machine certifications.  Using a stoplight mechanism, you'll know whether you're 'green' (good to go), 'yellow' (expiration approaching), or 'red' (required qualifications check or certifications are expired).  This lowers liability for your firm and allows you to easily track what can be a complicated process.

  • GPS Tagging - Provides proof of location where inspection took place, preventing falsifying of inspection records and the resulting increased liability for your firm.

  • Personnel Accountability - Lets you know who was involved in the inspection process, where, when, and how long the inspection took.  Our system tracks 'auto checking' in which the inspector merely checks boxes without the inspecting the rig as required.  This increases productivity, lowers liability for your firm, and allows you insight into the inspection process, regardless of where it takes place.

  • Up to Level 3 Inspection Standard - Ensures that every inspection meets the highest standards you require, lowering liability for your firm and keeping your equipment in top form.

  • Tracks Failure Rates - Tracks deficiencies noted via the inspection and makes recommendations in sync with appropriate standards.  This saves time in maintenance investigation and optimizes the health of your fleet.

  • Reports Down Time - Tracks and analyzes equipment downtime so that you can maximize usage of the system in order to lower the incidents of zero-revenue downtime.  This keeps in an optimized revenue-producing mode.

  • Real-Time Data - Provides real-time access to all the information you and your personnel need for a consistently optimized reporting and maintenance response.  This saves labor dollars associated with an inefficient communications system.

  • Optimized Scheduling - Allows your scheduling administrator to schedule personnel to various job sites in an optimized fashion, saving money on this laborious process.

  • Real-Time Communication - Provides an instant messaging tool so that you can communicate with your field personnel in real-time.  This saves you time and increases communications efficiency.

  • Optimized Reporting - Creates statistical reports from all data input so that you can improve efficiency and productivity by observing key trends in your business.

  • Paperless - Eliminates inefficient, countless stacks of paper and eliminates time-wasting manual searches.

  • Instant Delivery of Reports - Reports are electronically send to as many people as you need, eliminating the need for hand delivery.  This lowers labor costs and decreases the liability of your firm, while greatly improving communication.

  • Off-line Capability - Provides the inspector/operator the ability to work 'off-line' during a crane inspection if no internet connectivity is in existence on site.  All key compliance documents are still available even when no internet connectivity is present and full mobile inspections can take place regardless of connectivity.  Available on all Android phones and smart devices utilizing the Android 2.3 Platform and above.
  • Live Synchronization - Automatically syncs the device when internet connectivity is re-established.  This increases productivity.
  • SunSeeTM Visual Design - A contrasting graphic user interface (GUI) design which allows the user to work directly in sunlight and still view the screen of their smart device effectively.  This increases productivity.
  • Barcode Scanning - Users can scan a QR code sticker on the piece of heavy equipment and pull up all machine history instantaneously.  This increases productivity and compliance.
  • Camera and Photography Support - For more detailed reports the user can now include actual photographs of problems as they spot them.  These online photos, take with the smart device, can be attached with annotation to the inspection report and then sent in real time to key colleagues so that instances get fixed quickly and more accurately before they become major issues.  This saves money and keeps the fleet healthy.
  • Speech-to-Text Inputting - No more typing in a list of deficiencies or recommendations.  Now the user can simply press one button to record the problem by speaking into the device, with comments then automatically translated into typed text.  This saves time.
  • Third-Party Enabled Accounts - Allows a crane inspection company to keep track of all of their crane inspection customers online with ease and convenience.  Each customer has their own viewing account from which they can track inspection progress and updates.  This saves time and increases customer service scrores.
  • Locations & Divisions for Crane Owning Companies - Keep track of equipment in a medium-to-large size company at different locations or divisions.  Each piece of equipment can be transferred within the company to another location or division without losing any machine history.



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