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SpectwarePro 3.0 Now Available!

Posted by on June 21, 2012 in Press, SpectwarePro Updates


SpectwarePro 3.0 Penetrates Heavy Equipment Market to Strong User Reviews

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO (PR Web) June 21, 2012

Spectware announced today that it has released the newest complete upgrade to its mobile cross-platform heavy equipment inspection software application – SpectwarePro 3.0.

“This is the most important product introduction the company has made to date,” noted Jan Horsfall, Spectware’s CEO. “It’s been in development since January 2012 and this upgrade supports a mobile product application which already represents the most efficient paperless inspection management tool in the crane industry today. Compliance aside, the productivity gains alone from using this system will save a typical company over $10,000 per year for every piece of equipment they have in their system.”

SpectwarePro 3.0, part of Spectware’s broader mobile platform for the inspection of heavy equipment, provides crane inspectors and crane companies full oversight over the crane inspection process, anywhere, anytime from any web-enabled device.

“No more paper. No more confusion. No more dragging tons of heavy books into the cockpit as part of the inspection process,” noted Eric Skinner, President and Founder of Spectware. “Now any smart device becomes an easy-to-use crane inspection tool, complete with all OSHA rules and OEM requirements built right into the inspection software.”

Skinner, who originally built the crane-inspection application for his own crane inspection business before entering the Colorado Springs Technology Incubator® to commercialize the idea, outlined the latest set of upgrades to the SpectwarePro 3.0 inspection system:

  • Off line capability – provides the inspector/operator the ability to work ‘off line’ during a crane inspection if no internet connectivity is in existence on site. All key compliance documents are still available even when no internet connectivity is present and full mobile inspections can take place regardless of connectivity. Available on all Android phones and smart devices utilizing the Android 2.3 Platform and above.
  • Live synchronization – automatically syncs the device when internet connectivity is reestablished.
  • SunSee™ visual design – a contrasting graphic user interface (GUI) design which allows the user to work directly in sunlight and still view the screen of their smart device effectively.
  • Barcode scanning – users can scan a QR code sticker on the piece of heavy equipment and pull up all machine history instantaneously.
  • Camera and photography support – for more detailed reports the user can now include actual photographs of problems as they spot them. These online photos, taken with the smart device, can be attached with annotation to the inspection report and then sent in real time to key colleagues so that instances get fixed quickly and more accurately before they become major issues.
  • Speech-to-Text inputting – no more typing in a list of deficiencies or recommendations. Now the user can simply press one button to record the problem by speaking into the device, with comments then automatically translated into typed text.
  • Third-party enabled accounts – allows a crane inspection company to keep track of all of their crane inspection customers online with ease and convenience. Each customer has their own viewing account from which they can track inspection progress and updates.

“This is really an impressive upgrade for a product which already provided a leading inspection solution based upon our complete feature set,” noted Horsfall. “Our current users – now in over 40 states – continue to use the product at a 100% participation rate. Now it’s about spreading the word to other heavy equipment customers that they can comply, save money, and in doing so they can even save lives.”

One customer who already gets the message is Stephen Perry who runs ENSO Crane Service® in Dover, New Hampshire, and currently is leading crane work on the new World Trade Center site in New York City. “SpectwarePro 3.0 has saved me hours of desk time at the end of the day,” Perry notes, “and puts everything together that I need to produce the most comprehensive inspection reports – including meeting all pertinent regulatory standards – in real time. Spectware’s software has allowed me to keep much better track of my inspections and my business.”

Brian Hough of Crawford Custom Consulting, Inc. ™ in Meadfield, PA is another believer in Spectware’s inspection system. “SpectwarePro 3.0 far exceeds our expectations,” Hough noted. “I thought it was exactly what we had been looking for only to find out it was so much more,” he added. “Our customers are excited to have it as well. We would recommend it to anyone.”

Additional information about the features and benefits of SpectwarePro 3.0 can be found at


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Founded in September 2009 by Eric Skinner, a certified crane inspector with over 20 years of industry experience, Spectware, Inc. ® is a private Colorado Springs based company which provides a leading, paperless, cloud-based mobile application platform for the management and inspection of heavy equipment worldwide.  SpectwarePro 3.0™, built specifically for crane management by industry experts, is an easy-to-use, cross platform crane inspection management tool which eliminates old paper-based systems and empowers crane companies, site supervisors, inspectors, and crane schools to protect their assets and employees through the convenience of a mobile device or desktop computer.  This results in dramatically increased productivity, adherence to all pertinent regulatory laws including OSHA-based regulations, and the saved lives of crane operators.  For more information, visit



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